Transform Your Outdoor Space with Permanent Lighting Solutions

Lighting can truly transform the look and feel of any home or business. Our Trimlight Okanagan customers love their permanent, high-quality lighting. Our patented exterior lighting product offers many colour and animation options that can be customized to suit any special occasion or holiday throughout the year. What’s more, the system is hardly noticeable during the day, making it a beautiful, subtle addition to any property. Eliminate the stress, frustration, and risk of hanging Christmas or holiday lights year after year.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your business or residence curb appeal – or to create a gorgeous ambiance for guests on your outdoor patio, we offer elegant, permanent lighting solutions that stand the test of time.

Permanent Holiday Lighting

Our easy-to-use app empowers you to customize your lights for every occasion. Access a library of preset holiday lighting patterns or schedule custom programs that put every color, pattern, animation, and timer option at your fingertips.

Outdoor Lighting – Patio/Deck/Gazebo/Fence

Create an enchanting entrance to your home, highlight pathways, driveways, gardens. -Unwind and socialize under a warm embrace on the back patio.

Pool & Dock Lighting

Elevate pool parties and enhance safety with lighting designed to make an impression.

Security Lighting

Increase brightness, visibility, and security with exterior lighting

Choose the brightness and set the schedule for evening and night hours

Globe Lights

Enhance your outdoor gatherings. Create unforgettable moments with backyard lighting

Add Subtle Elegance to Any Property with the Trimlight System

Trim Lights – Down Lights – Globe Lights:

  • Permanent Home Lighting
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Patio Lighting
  • Deck Lighting
  • Railing / Fence Lighting
  • Canopy Lighting
  • Gazebo Lighting
  • Patio Lighting
  • Driveway Lighting
  • Entrance Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Urban Decorative Lighting
  • Municipality Holiday Lighting
  • Bridge Lighting
  • Pier Lighting
  • Commercial Building Lighting
  • Commercial Patio Lighting
  • Commercial Permanent Holiday Lighting
  • Commercial Decorative Lighting
  • Dock Lighting
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Enjoy the amazing benefits of your new Trimlight system with our industry leading app.

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Trimlight’s Commercial LED bulb design is sleek and professional, making it a great architectural addition to any complex or building.

Trimlight’s patented lighting system is also durable, weatherproof, energy-efficient and designed to last for decades. For property managers or strata councils, our Trimlight cloud-based technology support the connection and management of multiple locations from one account.

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